TECH N9NE Somethin’ To See

TECH N9NE Somethin’ To See

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[Chorus – Kaliko]
When I was young I used to wonder, why you lookin at me?
Cause I’m gifted I’m different, I still ask why? why you staring at me?
Cause I’m something to see. ok, ok, now why?
Why you looking at me? cause I’m a wierdo, still though ill flow, and so.
Why you staring at me? cause I’m something to see.

They didn’t stare much, before I fucked my hair up
In 11th grade, when I had bare nuts
And the principle told me to get a haircut
Cause I was distractin kids, but when a nigga was rappin
Chumps would flare up
Cause I was dope and plus a sight to see,
Mighty twice exciting, the night sky thing, with dykes inticing
A sight, just the mic and me
I bring nice things when I write the fightings, igniting
When a nigga wanna get up in the face of the spikes and see
Cause I’m diff-erant diff-erant, trippin is what this nigga want
This is when pistols get to clickin
The sick one hit the dump
On suckas I bring the chrome rukus
When I go, yeah I’m back niggas on this track making stacks, fat figures.
Even though strangers rap, we still cap pillaz
I’m miraculous, such an activist, I blast a bitch and cause disaster
If I’m deffinatly trip I’m smashing in shit.


Heart throb, never, black and ugly as ever
Black and shiny like pattent leather
However, I stay gucci down to the boots.
The booth is the only place I feel I got to tell the truth
Its like a gift and a curse
Me and people get funny looks from them first, then their women
When I’m traveling get the dip on their turf,
See what I’m working with then dip in their skirt
Ima bend em
They used to shake me off like I was dandruff
Now they want me in the middle, like the meat on their sandwich
Mr. two-tone, famous now that you grown, mr. getting to big for the city now that you blown.
Used to look at me like I was putting on a side show,
Now they know vitiligo, in every city I go
Still the funny lookin fat kid on the inside
The difference is now a niggas world wide.


Why do they stop and stare?
(?) on me
I’m still the same ole playa, that’s all that I can be
Cause when I ride through the hood these days
Niggas don’t feel the same, cause when you turn your radio on
Your prolly gunna hear my name

Tell your bitch to pick her jaw off the floor
Shorty been gawkin and starin and all since I walked in
Its prolly gunna be causin a problem
A nigga been watchin and jockin hard and licking her chops
And shes looking at me like a piece of meat shes fittin devour
Now I’m a sensible fella, never have I been a sucka
That’s why I’m gone kick the bucket, before a hoe game I trust
Because all the same hoes who ain’t ever paid me no nevermind
Is all trying to perform a horizontal grind in this bed of mine
Cause they know I’m from another time, I’m ahead of mine
And I’m fittin to blow off all the rhyms from this head of mine
Another nigga ill as me, please you will never find,
Someone on my level I’m not yet even in my prime
Uhh, they used to act like they never seen me
Now the same haters looking at me like they never seen me
Yeah and if your girlfriend ain’t never seen me
Better handcuff her might dead her if you let her see me