TECH N9NE Condolences (Skit)

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Condolences (Skit) Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

N9na, this Water. What’s up, fam?
Damn, uh, sorry to hear about your moms, man

Techalicious, this is Wendy Dae
I just heard about your mom
I’m so, so, so, so, so sorry

Hey this your brother Chris, man
Sorry to hear about you moms, man

Hey this is Cook right here
I heard about what happened
Lemme know if you need me to do anything
And gimme a call, lemme know something, okay?
I’ll be waiting to hear from you



TECH N9NE Lacrimosa

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Lacrimosa Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

Tis is all so serious
Come, Holy Spirit
Stay with me always
Somehow my true love
The tears on my face

[Verse 1 – Tech N9ne:]
Now-now-now-now people cussing and bussing
They get nothing but in the ground when they blown out
Oh wow, tell me how he got the stubborn, he tough and
He was young with a grown mouth
Zoned out cause my mother is gone, how
Simply would he send me with the alone route
Going out, to the studio hitting the Don Julio
My duty go if I’m moody yo, get up and get the song out
My angel fades, then came more rage
And even though Strange still pays, something inside of me saying it ain’t yo days
My religion, walking away
My prediction, lost in the gray
I’m thinkin’ the holy spirit don’t really wanna hear it
So people who givin’ me evil, they all finna pay
Anybody really want it, I’m a get dirty when a demon is my opponent
Feeling froggy any moment, know you will never be the owner because I’m on it
Losing mama, really did it, demons really gonna get it
I’m looking for the light, I’m asking you open and losing all of my inner good and the hope with it

Lacrimosa (Inside I’m weeping)
Tis is all so serious (Constantly seeking)
Come Holy Spirit
Stay with me always
Somehow my true love
The tears on my face

[Verse 2 – Tech N9ne:]
I don’t wanna hear no punk say ‘Weirdo’
If you ain’t in my circle, then you’re not even near, bro
Here go the fear though, getting Makzilla and my killas in the villa to make a racket in your ear go
That is severe mode, bodies I’m not even with the jolly
My tears go down-my-face, yeah
But I’m switching the gears, yo
Got on the plane to Colorado, I go to hit the Summer Jam, then momma tomorrow
Thinking the Lord will give me time while I’m in ‘Vado
To say I love her before the Bible go hollow
My show was sorrow, needed a little bit of mo’ time to borrow
(My-time’s- up)
Man, steady talking to God, so I don’t – get it
Thought I was special enough for God to be with it
By giving me another day with my mother, but I missed it
But rocking with Denver said in her name, I’m a rip this
This ain’t no way to be, hella jaded, see, but I’m created
My mother left me, but her death ain’t okay with me
Still I’m praying for her spirit to stay with me

[Hook x2:]
Lacrimosa (Outside I’m weeping)
Tis is all so serious (Still I am seeking)
Come, Holy Spirit
Stay with me always

[Outro – Tech N9ne:]
When you interview me, I don’t wanna talk about this
I don’t denounce God in any way
I just feel my mother’s suffering was too great for how much she worshipped


TECH N9NE Aw Yeah? (interVENTion)

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Aw Yeah? (interVENTion) Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

Domine… [4x]
Question for the the maker?and it’s?aw yeah?
This the way it’s supposed to be huh? Alright

On a glass of red wine
Right before bedtime thinkin’
Everybody down here trippin’
If you up there
This is Nina tellin’ you to listen
The vision I’m givin’ everyday
Life is dumpin’ on us like a pigeon
I get many enemies with this Forbes list
But I get rid of energy from piss poor pricks
Can I get to heaven all I get is threatened
Every time I get more chips
Gotta grip four fifths
For the sick forces I gotta fight
All of the night with cops, Crips
Bloods with sore fists
And them Nazi?s wanna hem Hadji
Up it ain?t too many men godly
Hideous so many cities bust in
Ferguson to Libya, Benghazi
Human equality never been a level playin’ field
Man it been wobbly
So many circles of sin rob me
That?s why we go angel to grim Cosby?s!
Yellin’ this to my superior
Degrading of love is inferior
Upon this earth a lot of people jerked around about 300,000 to Syria
Are you serious?
I could never think of burying my children p-p-period
Nigeria, I’mma yell while I’m walking through this hell cause I’m furious!
Zuse know what’s up, he said you got to pack a toy
But why you gotta let the bodies dropping at a coffee shop in Aussie (Aussie, Oi Oi Oi)
But around here, loving coco’s the bomb
Meanwhile so many people are taken out by the hands of Boko Haram
Aw yeah?!
They gotta suffer the penalty cause of our education
Nobody wanna say nothing but I gotta call it abomination
Pissed off thinkin’ what this cost
What these babies blood drippin’ for?
So I say in Latin, listen Lord!
Only way people are gonna be able to kill off a demon is
Pick up a gun and be ready to put it between him
My nigga be screamin’
No fear the only way
Every day flatten the beast
At least Anonymous is hacking for peace
And yet we gotta bust cause we packing a piece
Choke not another one of us for the snappin’ police
Who the hell a brother gonna trust when it’s always dishonor
Hate me like Obama
And I ain’t even got around to askin’ you the question God
What about my, mama!?


TECH N9NE The Procedure (Intro)

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE The Procedure (Intro) Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

[Heartbeat Monitor]

I’m going to take a look at the right frontal lobe
I’ll open the skull here

[Drill Noise]


TECH N9NE Nobody Cares

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Nobody Cares Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Swanky all the time…
So don’t worry ’bout me cause I’m
Gucci, luchi, all up in my hallsies
Come from Kansas City and
Get money ‘s what they tought me

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I’m a real one, fill ’em, up, I bust and kill ’em
Didn’t have to sell my soul to sell some fucking millions
When I drop this Bou Lou drink, it’ll put me up in billions
The ceiling never could stop this KC, MO civilian
How ya didn’t know we had the green when I’m all up in yo’ magazine?
So focused on the flow, fo’ fifth, yo’ bitch throw shit, that’s flattering
We ain’t like you others, we got a very sick disease
And, if you get this bug, it may result in making cheese
Made a lot of Technicians, gettin’ mo’ is the next mission
We got the colleges, the suburbs and the ‘jects trippin’
Off of this wealthy, foul-mouthed trigger
Don’t even bother to get your wicky styles out, nigga!

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko (Crystal Watson) {Tech N9ne}]
Everything in my head, all these words that I said
(Nobody cares) Nobody cares
(And nobody gives a damn what I say, who I am)
(Nobody cares) Nobody Cares
These bright lights, show my life {nobody cares}
(No one, no one, no one, no one cares, nobody, nobody)

[Interlude: Tech N9ne (Krizz Kaliko)]
Fellas better put a chastity belt on yo’ spouses
Put-put a chastity belt on yo’ spouses (Ugh-huh!)

[Verse 2: Krizz Kaliko]
It is what it is, nigga, I’m underground
Y’all saying the same thing, mainstream in trouble now
I’m on my grown man, growin’ a little stubble now
A Spotify gotta fly, hustle gotta double down
Murder was the case that I gave ’em
Damn her with my grammar hammer, nobody could save ’em
And we ain’t just in Kansas City anymore
We on tour and we on some penny pinchin’, give me more
If I die today, I’m comin’ back, nigga
Strange Music’s on big black fat nigga
Cause we resurrected with people been disrespectin’
No equal to this direction, with Kali, people can check it
We be the choppin’ and Tech get it poppin’ in every Metropolis
Tracks, we be toppin’ as far as they flock to us, niggas be jockin’ us
I flow, beware, rappers don’t be goin’ there
Maybe I’m just blowin’ smoke in the air and no one cares


[Interlude: Stevie Stone]
I been (dope, d-dope, d-dope, dope, dope)
I get ’em (dope, d-dope, d-dope, dopeboy fresh)

[Verse 3: Stevie Stone]
Bitch, I been out here poppin’, been up in these streets
Since I came up out that water, been the illest nigga low key
Got yo’ bitch up all on my Peta, bendin’ on them knees
Bitch came back around and got backed down
And done fucked around and got beat, it’s that, shake down!
Strange, so you know I make cake now
Want to know where’s the house by the lake down?
I bought the car, it was the model and I’m make now
I kick back, my feet up, cramp down and re-up
Talk shit and I talk shit, let’s pop shit, nigga, G up
Eeee, Whoa, kemosabe, (what ya smelling?)
Walk up in a room all you smell is money
Sixteen to ya tall, King
Like the hitman, nigga, holla, ball game



TECH N9NE Withdrawal

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Withdrawal Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

[Verse 1 – Krizz Kaliko:]
Now in the distant future
I won’t be, dependent on you
Your pleasure is my torture
So I let you do what you do

[Bridge – Krizz Kaliko:]
The love you give to me
The reason I lost it all
I’m flyin’ without wings
I’m free, I’m free to fall
So withdrawal

[Hook – Krizz Kaliko:]
Take me to a place
Where I can’t feel my face
And I’m half the man I think I’m s’posed to be
Cause I hate livin’ here
Well, I gotta face my fears
But I can’t let this drug take over me

[Verse 2 – Krizz Kaliko:]
I wanna go back up there
But that’s the, way I’ll die
And sober seems so unfair
And not the way to be high

[Bridge – Krizz Kaliko:]
The love you give to me
The reason I lost it all
And I’m flying without wings
I’m free, free to fall
So withdrawal


[Verse 3 – Tech N9ne:]
Hello, can you hear me now?
I need you here to do music and write your raps when
Something really frightful happens
Makin’ my life so taxing
You overdose it’ll kill me like a rifle clappin’
At me if I go jack can
No longer hear my bro laughin’
Livin’ items bad when
Every night so saddened
Gotta fight yo ass
Or deep down inside no action
Call it your bible black friend
My pyro blastin cause don’t you know
That’s how we lost Michael Jackson




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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Sut Mig Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

[Verse 1 – Tech N9ne:]
I done a whole lot of livin’ and I hold my position
And a doad of condition, hey
Gotta a load of your women and you know what they wishin’
They can blow what I’m grippin’, hey
What I say, when you haters broke and dusty
Can afford no piece to snuff me, mad I’m livin’ lovely, hey
To them suckas who wanna touch me
When I done rose out the mothafuckin’ dirt all I got to say to a nigga, suck me
Douche-bags, the douchiest of the douches get deuces
When I’m blowin’ Caribou Lou cash
Always in the air like a red, white and blue flag
Cause everywhere my music blare like a Jimmy Choo bag
I been workin’, got these grown men hurtin’
Wanna begin jerkin’ tens cause my win certain
Fuck that cause lately I been yen searchin’
Tryin’ to get my one and only upgraded from Louis Vuitton then Birkin
Trippin’ with me cause all this work I done did
All this pain for me to become big
Mad at Strange you’re nothing but some kids, quit it
Toured the world with Big Krizz, did it
Couple of bitches up in the biz, hit it
See this ho, she wanna meet this mo
Cause I treat this flow like my jizz, spit it
Got these niggas lookin’ like a sad puppy
Cause I ride the wave of success like a huffy
Because of that I attract the big butt and busty
What? What I’m gon’ do? What I’m ‘gon say to a hater?

[Hook – Tech N9ne:]
Suck Me, Suck me, Suck me
You wanna throw salt
You wanna cuss me
What I’m gon’ say to y’all
I’mma tell you suck me
Who say dude, they tempt me
Who say dude, they tempt me
Who say dude, they tempt me
Who say dude, they tempt me

Do I bring you for y’all? (Yes)
Do my team do it all? (Oh yes)
Okay, when I say jealous you say bitch
Jealous (Bitch) jealous (Bitch)
Jealous jealous (Bitch, bitch)
Jealous jealous (Bitch, bitch)

[Verse 2:]
You can be negative
I got the juice to be ahead of it
Get the best crew then we level it
Comin’ for you with thee rhetoric
Man this industry’s hoes, with my energy flows
Man I fucked that bitch ’till she give me the gold
Then she gave me the forbes, listen gave me the glow
Took my tribe on the crazy road and baby we sold
All you man ladies behold, that’s the way that we roll
That’s what the swisher and ya bitch up in her wavy-vy ho
Look, that’s why them mom and daughter duos wanna fluff me
They love my music, they can’t help but be a hussy
You think you stopin’ Strange, think you ‘gon crush me
Boy, s-s-s-s-s-s-suck me