TECH N9NE Nobody Cares: (The Remix)

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Nobody Cares: (The Remix) Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
They said I really don’t rhyme anymore
And dreaded the moment the N9na find any dough
Climb in these hoes, he never will shine when he flow
What are you listening to? The music I’m giving to you
Is killing the muthafuckas you kick it and jiggle it to
Some of you get it, but a lot of you never let it
Cause you know when it get up into your woman, I’mma wet it
I’mma wake up, everybody break up, the haters
We do it for real and never do fakers, amaze us
Tecca Nina spending cake up in Vegas
Got the mule and 40 acres decades ago
Nigga, I’mma [?] to grow, look at it
When we city to city, Tech pays the dough
Watching my lyrical bull-et lay ya low
Next way to go and she with it so let’s [?]
These bustas be so funny, they all shakin’ when I rip
But in my face, they be so chummy, nigga, y’all, fake it when I flip
When they know my flow is money, y’all is bogus so go get from me
Man, I’m over this, how they grungy when they all take it in the hip?
War, I declare, till Donny air
And I want ?MAYDAY!, Kaliko, Stevie Stone, Ubi and Godi there
I’m gonna push this hip-hop music to the fullest till I be mayor
I don’t give a fuck if I swear, this the goddamn remix to Nobody Cares

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko (Crystal Watson) {Tech N9ne}]
Everything in my head, all these words that I said
(Nobody cares) Nobody cares
(And nobody gives a damn what I say, who I am)
(Nobody cares) Nobody Cares
These bright lights, show my life {nobody cares}
(No one, no one, no one, no one cares, nobody, nobody)

[Verse 2: Wrekonize]
Stare in the face of the careless pair
This facts, ain’t nobody gotta say no more
I been breaking my back, while you been crazy relaxed
A workaholic with a bit of crooked halo-lo
Paint so pro that I can’t go prone
You better get a step and let the maintenance know
That I kick in doors and get to stickin’ whores
All cause I’m loving every minute that I grace this show
Game beater, came sweeter, every word they said to me is damn , diva
Vein heater, flame speaker, ?MAYDAY! mace, they spray liters
[?] all out cause I’m tearing the crowd
They know I came to drop ’em down a whole lot of stairs
Rockin’ so rare, I’m a topper, don’t stare
Cause ya know [?], nobody cares

[Verse 3: Godemis]
Catch this bullet, who’s the receiver?
I never learn how to follow a leader
In need of a medic or reticle bleeder
You don’t give a flying fuck, well, me neither
Maybe I’m overthinking it, look at the way I’m linkin’ it
With words, I’m a seamstress
Got plenty of fuel, I pity the fool
And tell ’em ridicule is the bird and the genius
And I mean this, like I seen this
Coming but it don’t mean shit to y’all
I’mma pedal to the metal and whenever they ready
They said it, I’m coming to get it till I hit the wall
Stealing all, of the [?], placement of tables turn a bit
So who the fuck’s turn is it?
Couldn’t give two shits, see, I’m not concerned with it


[Verse 4: Bernz]
Is it that my shit’s too catchy?
Is it that these hits come naturally?
Is it that we the chosen ones
And y’all never get picked so you act like a bitch?
Tell me why cause you’re making me feel bad
Can we all get along? Don’t be mad
Carry on, fuck it, bring the feedback
I feel so at home where the odds’ll be stacked
Crash course into music business
Better trust yo’ muthafuckin’ instincts
Cause these [?] are scared of what’s different
Until it’s banging on top of hit lists
And that’s why the industry’s fake shit
And Strange Music’s here to reign, bitches
We killed the whole opposition
All cause our fans are fuckin’ hellicious

[Verse 5: Ubiquitous]
Sometimes, if you say the word, the word falls
On death [?] into half, forget it
It feels like nobody’ll care until you stare
Back apathetic, and that’s pathetic
Matter fact, it’s not in my rap genetics
Whatever the fuck you was after, get it
The law of magnetic attraction’ll come and cause
Reaction, dog, you only have to let it
Act upon my instinct when I set the bar
Let the cards fall where they may play
52, now pick it up, I, make the mess
Maybe yes, that’s where they stay
No, fear to show, I’m clear to go
Anybody else who ever been here should know
That I’ve always had a passion and purpose
It’s far from a theory, yo, but y’all don’t hear me though


[Bridge: Stevie Stone (x2)]
Eeeee! Hit ’em with the muthafucka
They don’t wanna come with the N9ne
I’mma get ’em, Kaliko, ?MAYDAY!, Ces Cru
Strangeland, we mix all wit’em like

[Verse 6: Stevie Stone]
Muthafucka, in the meanwhile, hear the remix
We bound with a mean now, rush time
Stage killer fuckin’ with a main nigga
But the other Strange nigga, Brotha Lynch, gon’ cut ’em up
Come in a noose, ya (cover contusions), vertical movement
(The kid is a problem, better yet, he a nuisance)
All on my dick, nigga!

[Verse 7: Krizz Kaliko]
I’ll get off my own dick, nigga, if you get off it
I’m sick, nigga, puke it off, [?] refuse to walk it
Independent nigga who’s [?] refuse to loss
And, if ya get offended, bust a move’s an option
On the low (low), too many people is peepin’
We frequently eat up a piece of fajita, think he equal to me
I let him know that he could be in the seat
And takin’ off his feet about it and I’mma tweet about it
Reppin’, me and the Tech, nigga, we effin’
When we done, they wish we never left it
And I’m guessin’ you never had to pull out your weapon
I’m the next best, give ’em a lesson (okay)
The way we eat a nigga’s lunch, [?]
Man, fuck it



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