TECH N9NE Hiccup

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Hiccup Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

This is a stick up cause you had a hiccup
Men busted in and beat you cause you beat your bitch up
Ripping your lip up, didn’t get to go load the clip up
They took out your grip and dipped and took all of your liquor

You got a problem, yeah, don’t we all?
Built that up, sometimes they fall
Some wanna run before they learn to crawl
All fucked up, can’t stand at all

[Verse 1:]
You love your lady, you’re loyal from the start
Ain’t nothing never gon’ tear you lovin’ apart
But you ain’t knowin’ another stealing her heart
Walked in your home and the niggas making her spark
You’re kidnappin’ the women, having your way
Threaten to kill em’ all if they don’t wanna stay
Got off of work and you thinking you about to play
And Charles Ramsey came and ruined today
The way you act is a dead giveaway
Sad sucker, crazy motherfucker
Just when you get to thinking nobody can touch ya
Here come a hiccup in your plan coming to buss’ ya
The man who ran right into my hand to crush ya

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
You Twitter beefin’, you rappers thinking you hard
And everybody on the planet know you a star
You get a show and the company fly you far
And the promoters, the beef you gotta char
You was a priest that gave the little ones tears
Pedophile, become cardinal in a year
Finally jailed him forever, you live in fear
That pussy riot play heavily in your ear [x5]
You’ll never be in the clear, get a letter D in your rear
Serves you right, too nerve to fight
Make them little church boy prayers be heard tonight
So hiccup, hiccup, eat a dick up, quick up
In a sticky situation cause you trip up
Nothing but a demon, you can be that flashy cause you ballin’ now
Long as you realize it can all come falling down

[Hook x2]

Took all of your liquor [x3]
Dead giveaway, It’s a dead giveaway, a dead giveaway
Charles Ramsey, dead giveaway, Charles Ramsey



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