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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Heavy Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

Deformity, a bodily malformation, check
Distortion, or disfigurement, check
A Deform, person or thing, check
Gross, ugliness, check

[Verse 1]
I don’t wanna take this, I don’t wanna carry this, I don’t wanna lift this
Everyday, when I wake, wish there was I way that I can rip this
Off of my shoulder off of my back, like a big boulder got me off track
I don’t wanna be seen lookin like that
I’m looking at it, it’s mean lookin right back
Ugly, bloody, pussin, heavy
Way more sinister than the face of Jason or fucking Freddy
And that shit ways me down, got me going crazy now
Lazy round me place, cause I got shit right side of my face
How did I get it? how did I grow it? how do I cock back and just blow it
Off? Surgery yes you know it cost and I ain’t goin out to show it off
I’m just stuck in here, with this fuckin weird stuff in near
Crushin, pussin, bustin till it up and clears
I’m ready, it’s wicked, it’s gotta be, deadly
It’s everything you could imagine, bad, twisted, evil and medly
Down into eternal fire, this is where it lead me
Can hardly hold it up because this thing is so fucking heavy

Ewww, that’s gross, yuck, what’s that? oh my god, Disgusting, repulsive, what
The fuck?
It’s not a tumor, fuck the rumor, I need more to go, stop Staring at this
Muthafucking side show
Everyone you love got needs
I’ll shove start to buckle at the kness
My lord said this slow heal carry and if it don’t then it might get scary

[Verse 2]
Gotta cover it up, gotta go outside to get food
How when the smell is like shit stew?
The way people are staring and lookin it gets cruel
Bad when I’m shoppin, at the walmart
They be laughin, then a brawl starts
Cause they wanna pick on a muthafucker with deformities, bless yall heart
I’m sick of it, when it’s on my back I can’t even get a women to kiss on this face
I don’t even want to live on this, place
Because all people givin is, hate
And your really gonna get it bad if your, disfigured
The more these sick gigglers, pointed my heavy load it gets bigger
They call me hunchback and I wish they wouldn’t taunt that
They be lookin at a nigga like I woke up and showin straight up shittin in
They lunch sack
Kids, grown ups, dogs, cats
All be lookin and pointing at this deformity on my back
Taking over me, I’m slowly, turning into it
This repulsive, nasty, heavy, sick, humongous pile of shit
Under my skin, infecting my blood like I have some kind of disease, it’s
Big and bulgin out of my jacket and everybody sees it


[Verse 3]
What is it? with this load I carry there’s problems in my life
Got big problems with the IRS and problems with my wife
Got a lot of problems with this music career, problems with my mom
And I gotta solve em quick they fallen on me
It’s a problem with this shit on, and it’s heavy
When everybody depends on you to be the shot caller
And you pushin, tryin to get all of your people over the wall, but the shit
Got taller
But you tough and determined, you rough and you learnin, you cannot do if
You not baller
So you get it and hit it one after another and look, the lump got smaller



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