TECH N9NE Paint On Your Pillowcase

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Paint On Your Pillowcase Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

[Groupie] Um, I normally don’t do anything like this (mhm)
But, um when I saw you in the club
I just thought… I had to try something different! (mm hmm)
I normally don’t take anyone home on the first night, (mhmm)
But you look so, good to me…
[Tech N9ne]
Shut Up, take off your clothes

[Tech N9ne: Verse 1]
Lay down on the mother fucking bed, like I said
I’m a different kind of nigga, like to spread bloody red
From banging the thing I’m a tame when you shed naughty legs
I’m geeking
Cause you peaking with my head
Leave you dead and leaking
I’m a killer, but instead of a machete
I got my dick, I’m a drill her
Then I’m a hit her with the steady
A proper check up speedy
Like Andretti hit the crevi
A lot to pick up, Betty gotta be ready for the yetti
To eat, my kind of meat, find mine to feat
But climb N9ne the beast, Its my time to feast
Einstein N9ne slime the sheets
I’m tryna design [?]
She whine the least
Rewind the beat cause T9 he grind the freaks
Putting your mother fucking feline to sleep
Cannibalistic with her I’m hoping she don’t mind the teeth
You invited me in
Gimme the Henny, lemon and sprite and the night’ll begin
You ignited me when you stated you sighted me when
I was painted up so you came on up and kited my sin
Til the morning light, it was on tonight
You met a DK-N to fucking bone you right
Clones’ll roam you might, be surprised with the vibe
But I’m leaving paint on your pillow meaning I was inside

I ain’t finna steal your fate
My aim is to kill your hate
We gone drank till you can’t feel your face
Then I’m leaving paint on your pillowcase

[Verse 2: Aqualeo]
I?m smoking a lot, I failed a nigger when I told her where she was by my motherfucker face pine
?cause bitch, it don?t matter what you think
When it drain, it will be your time and you?ll say ice hank
A little bit and a little more, is a little more liquor to get the whore
Fuck you because I do it with the leather floor
Later you will feel real stupid like a play prank
?cause I know about the hold that was in her
Know she a sinner, oh, no beginner
Hold her ass low and go for the dinner
Tell that ho no, ?cause my heart cold like winter
Yes, so, ?cause she?s a freak, it ain?t me
Walking on the streets just getting me
One in four creeps just get me, so I told her corner for, eating my dick is a privilege
Take her down, take her, take her, take her down
But if I take her down, then a nigger will never get the crown
But if I get your picture will I own her lick her down
Then a lick her down will never be a nigger down
And her beating the sack is right, so the next time she?ll be in the time and place
Some that she can?t escape, but I can, even with a trace

I ain?t finished with your thing
I ain?t here to kill your head
We can drain until we kill your vein
And leave the paint on your pillowcase
Paint on your pillowcase, paint on your pillowcase
We can drain ?till you can?t feel your vein
And leave the paint on your pillowcase

[Verse 3: Aqualeo]
The sin that brought us all here
The one we love the most, but yet is the one we all fear
So time?s sadistic, it gets mystic and the trends are twisted
Bodies in exquisite positions, that?s so illicit
Illegal to the exhibits, solicit, yet we exist
In a thrill and all sorts of feeling we get, that?s so implicit
Why people risking their life, depinction husband and wife
To get closer to the true wise that brings us eternal life
The paint left on your pillow is the same from off the face
The one you see in your dreams when you?re taking below the waist
The devil was giving horns, but the nature from which was born
Every person that?s ever lived so get praise to the god of porn



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