TECH N9NE Should I Killer

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Should I Killer Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

[Hook x2]
I can’t hold her, I can’t control her
Could I? (Killer!) Should I? (Killer!)
If I can’t grope her, I might as well choke her
Could I? (Killer!) Should I? (Killer!)

[Verse 1]
The condom busted, upon this fluff chick
Really bomb and lust when the ‘ginas thrusted and I’m disgusted
Can’t come in the club bitch, dumb nigga trusted that I won’t hit a gust quick
Son should’ve clutched it
What he spit, what he gunned this let it in her rump and erupted
She saying she ain’t on no pill, she stay thinking on your scrill
She know you’re sold your mill and you Tecca Ninna with the solo deal
So what you think she’s thinking?
If you fertilize the pink one sinking your linking
Nothing but the jinx now I gotta write her off like an ink pen
If she fattens, she said that it won’t happen
Steady laughing at him, mashing splashing ass should’ve had it fastened
Night is over, now, she ain’t showed around town about a month
And I gotta call saying she gotta tote around
Something extra from when I sexed her
My nigga, that’ the moment I had a heap a whole plethora
Of homicide thoughts. Can I kill her? Why not?
Cause if wifey find this out she’s gonna take everything I’ve got

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Killer shit I played it out
Abortion, yes, I paid it out
But every time that I call to see if it’s done it’s like she waited out like
I got to be further on to get that
Somebody’s calling my phone, so hit back
I guess I’ve been having a dome
To click clack bone to pick at, I think it’s wrong to sit back
And let yourself protrude from something else, no food
But you’re gonna tell your dude that you’re having my baby
What the hell, that’s rude
But you took my money and all my comings from me
But you reassure me saying she’s gonna be taken by her mommy
When her mama took her, she said it kind of shook her
When her mother cried, praying to God and wanted the baby to push her
To be a better person, read adversin, yeah, they burst in tears
Dead is certain I ain’t shed a curse in years
And as sick as here, make a nigga wanna drip a tear
Man this is fear, cause I already got kids and the Mrs near
So I’m vicious, still, twisted admist this wicked fear
Think I’m gonna click this weird chick really quick and the bitch disappear

[Hook x2]

If I kill this woman I gotta apply my stealth
Cause if my family finds out, wave bye-bye my wealth
And if her family finds out, they’re gonna make this guy cry help
I guess it will be way, way easier if I would just die myself



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