TECH N9NE Strangeulation Vol. II Cypher III

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Strangeulation Vol. II Cypher III Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

[Tech N9ne:]
I’m proud to present this cypher to my technicians, cause this one has been a long time coming.
So I called on my big homie Big Scoob, and my lil’ homie JL B. Hood. Let’s go

[Big Scoob:]
Yeah, aha, Big Fella
Back pushin’ that trap shit to your tracklist
Tecca Nina’s new package, Big Fella gon’ snap bitch
Whip game, I’m magic, front flips, no backflips
Still eatin’ old passed whips, looky here, these facts, bitch (yeah!)
Big Fella y’all know me man, show me, homie, I’m still the same
I’m a little older got a little colder, I’m still the soldier, I’m blowing flames
Time to get, what’s happening blood?
This don’t get it I’m acting up
Y’all ain?t wit it, then I’ma go get it and ship it in, in the back of the bus
Nah, I’m just fuckin’ with it, bickin’ back and having fun
Bullshit I’m having none, pussy niggas best hold their tongue
Flip a switch and I’m with the shit get to clapping clips and I’m banging drums
Ignorant with this ignant shit and my only wish is you come get some!

[JL of B. Hood:]
I told you bitches where the fuck I’m from
Showed you this is where the luck might run
Out for the doubt, what you do with yo mouth about to be part of the reason I come and bust my gun!
Finicky front wanna be just like them
Nigga’s a bore, be hunted just like one
This no war nor kid time son
It’s a warning, do nothing dumb
You can feel what it is when exposed to the G’s
A real one exists this close to the lead
Get ahold of the disk you suppose to believe
The show is a trip and the flow’s a disease
Coke gotta fizz, got zones of the trees
Never let ’em live, let alone let ’em breathe
Not a fuck I could give, like fucks? What are these?
Pros we official, the hoes Lebanese
Strange got the game in a guillotine choke
Language aimed seen finna be quo-
-Ted, know it ain’t my enemy hope
Swank if you can’t consider me dope
Ya skank wanna grope me and Joey Cool both
On the bull with a 7, no Tony Kukoc
Bitch check into whenever you post
They come out the wood works know whenever you close
You know what I’m yellin’ know somebody better tell ’em
Hard head make a soft ass lemme get ’em
Up in art class was the only time you drew a weapon
Up the bar blur lines I’m a urban legend
No T.I. TMI but I’m fuckin’ with protection
Paper work in red like I’m makin’ a correction
Select what I said hope you makin’ the connection
We come at a nigga head it come off him in a second
Me and Tech got high said we finna do work
Spat hot lava, finna shoot first
You expect not vibe I could only do church
If my nigga was alive I am in the booth hurt!
Know that I ride, while I tell ’em B. Hood
You would look odd in my neck of the woods
If I really wanna slide in your hoe I could
But I’m God with a double O, y’all know I’m good!
Step like I should!

[Tech N9ne:]
I steps like a real should
Papered but still hood, we whip it and feel good
Aye, we makin’ your bitches feel good
Yanked it and still could, we whip it and feel good



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