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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Anti Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

The same situations that occur throughout your life, that gives you an attitude, you know, a really bad attitude, because you’ve been taught by good people how to treat people with respect and you learned right wrong, so, when shit is always wrong around you and you a mothafucka just taught to do right, you have a certain attitude towards those kind of mothafuckers or towards those things that are wrong and not righteous, you start getting a fuckin’ attitude that might piss other people off, but you don’t give a fuck, because the things they do are the unjust shit that they do, makes you anti as fuck, anti everything, anti everything they are ’bout, cause they ain’t good, anti everything they fuckin’ breathe or eat or whatever the fuck, you’re just against everything that ain’t right, why I feel like I feel. I feel like fuck the mothafuckers, I’m anti all that bullshit that they on

(Shit shit shit shit, mic check 1, 2)
Download this on the down low bitch
I’mma amputate your fingers and the clown won’t miss, nigga
Fuck everything that ain’t righteous
Spotify the reason the music became lifeless
70% of our fraction are from hideous[?] [?] game Crysis
Make a nigga wanna blow up they headquarters and blame ISIS
I’m watching the riot from Michael Brown and I see a crazy nigga yell let’s burn this bitch down
Why niggas, you fuck up the O’Reilly’s, the BBQ spot and then the beauty supply niggas?
Depreciating, for justice keep waiting, cause you burned up everything except the police station
I’m anti stupid shit for ladies participating come and loot this dick
They been out and murdered Kendrick Johnson
And covered it up, watch my sin[?] get Compton!
You hate me cause tough and freely’s the tone
I ain’t never shopped on Black Friday, nigga, leave me alone!

I’m still smiling
While I’m crying

[Chorus – Band of Psychos:]
Anti as fuck
Anti as fuck
Anti as fuck
Anti as fuck
I’m anti as fuck
Anti as fuck
Anti as fuuuck

[Krizz Kaliko:]
Ahha! Listen!
COINTELPRO we livin’ it out
Used to love turkey, devour Thanksgiving about
Jack your land from the Indians and murk ’em on it
Make it bigger, then get the niggers to come and walk upon it
Give ’em drugs and guns and excuses to never be
Better than a CRIP or rep the letter B
Show you you can YouTube it and make fights
Vatican at it again, bangin’ for they gay rights
And I’m supposed to follow YOU to the Promiseland?
I ain’t got no insurance, leave it in Obama’s hand!
At 19 I slapped the shit out a cop!
Now Ferguson had me murderin’, burn down a donut shop!
You dumb niggas! Ooh, you’ll be the only bum niggas
Get your ass out the street ‘fore I shoot me more than one niggas
Bill Cosby? WHAT THE FUCK?
I was ridin’ with you, till the 20th bitch got stuck
I guess the Jell O Pudding Pop [?]
Mellow we couldn’t stop
He would give ’em the Spanish Fly
But fuck it, so would I!





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