TECH N9NE Burn It Down

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Burn It Down Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

(Down) [x4]
Burn it down (Down), down, down, down
(Down) down, down, down, down
Burn it down (Down), down, down, down
(Down) down, down, down, down

[Hook – Ryan Bradley:]
You build me up, you build me up
To watch me fall, It’s under dust
Is this the place, I used to love?
Can’t take no more, I’ve had enough
So burn it down, down, down, down
Down, down, down, down
Burn it down, down, down, down
Down, down, down, down

They lift you up and preach you
Then try to pull you down and beat you
They’re no longer peaceful
Never knew a buddy would become see-through
Make it up so high, they can’t reach you
They just feel the wind beneath you
Camaraderie’s a plum oddity, with some modesty
People apology, who lovin’ me never a dollar tree wanted
But they wanna demolish me, question mark
When they know I’m blessed at heart
Try to test Tech when I poke at they chest and bark
Givin’ my blood, sweat, tears and flesh in art
But they come in my circle and make a mess, then dart
I feel like they wishin’ for me to be dissin’ so they can be quick and then witness me (falling down)
Gotta know that’ll never happen, forever rappin’
So burning it down is the mission
Dismissin’ got a brand new condition, I’m (falling down)
Kill ’em in a really clever fashion


Why would a good businessman sign a artist
And he really believes he rhymes the hardest
And spend a lot of money and time just to start it
And you think he don’t want you to make it sounds ret–
Uh, Trav ain’t the target, I ain’t the puppet
If you got negativity boy, you better tuck it
Givin’ everything and they trippin’, I had enough
It, took me a while for this menace and now, fuck it
Give ’em a record deal, plus the CDs
Take ’em all on tour to give ’em the ups
Put ’em on my record, I do my verse and then I send it to them so I can give ’em the ups
In the long run, they ain’t givin’ a fuck
Said I ain’t takin’ care of my day ones
If I wasn’t, they wouldn’t wait to spray guns
Makin’ the people think I’m wrong is way dumb, nigga
Now I’m tired, hearing my empire’s (falling down)
But it’s really the opposite, and I’ve got a clear
So many more Os, fake family, fake friends, and foes (falling down)
But Tech N9na’s outta hear


It’s the reason, me and Trav never had to say We’re sorry in this business
Cause we believe if you stay righteous, you’ll receive all your blessings



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