TECH N9NE A Certain Comfort

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE A Certain Comfort Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

[Bridge – Kate Rose:]
I find a certain comfort in searchin’ through the darkness on my quest to find the light
And as I’m digging through the ruins that line these city streets a sense of hope walks with me

[Hook – Kate Rose:]
Still I hold onto this dream of scarless heart and a spiteless mind
No longer shall I try to find a nameless ghost nor provide shelter for my demons

There’s so many I smell brimstone
Come in through family, I’m seein’ all of the sin shown
Kin grown into enemies that’ll be your friends gone
Ain’t you very lonely, but a sanctuary when grim’s home
Got rules but I dig it, God knows that I’m wicked
Or does it, cause when I tug it, it never shows that I visit
Tell the judge, y’all make me feel like it’s hella love
So stand out amazed when I let loose on my beelzebubs
My spirit needs jumper cables, never know love but I want ya label
I’m comfort-able
Nothing lately makes me feel they worthy of trustin’
So I load my gun with the intentions of bustin’


(…to hide
Shelter for my demons …to hide
Shelter for my demons …to hide
Shelter for my demons)

I’m cool with the trauma now
Cause it’s abundant, ever since I laid my mama down
Some members talked me so bad, ’til my persona found
No mercy, go Earthly, cock and make the llama sound
Cause that’s the language they know, deepened anguish they grow
To people without rules, and make you doubt who’s
Gonna love you forever cause they gave you some hateful mouth ooze
I was so effin true, but I became the person to shout to
Now that I’m lonely, I don’t get no fun like Laos food
And I’m such a meanie, wanna come and see me? Reroute dudes
I’m chillin’ in hell in hot water sittin’ on my couch fools
So it ain’t no problem walkin’ through yo hell in ya house shoes



(…to hide
Shelter for my demons …to hide
Shelter for my demons
Shelter for my demons)

I’m good where I am in the dark, and darkness alone
I’m comfortable with it
Bring it, if you got it to bring



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