TECH N9NE Beautiful Music

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Beautiful Music Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

I’m a put this bass this place all up in your face
Picture me painting pretty pussy with a pen and pad and picking a pair of provocative peaches to press to the pace
Let’s get this straight
I am the maker of emotion on my planet you will be blessed at the gate
Complex when the mate
Is one that could have any woman breathing so you might end up with a chest full of hate
Less to debate
If women would just ride
She feeling my love vibe
I’m feeling her cup size
She willing to plug guys
Satu Lirik
I’m giver her bug eyes
From my dick in her thighs
She thinking it was lies
When her name changed from baby to Sherlock Holmes
Wouldn’t you want to shit if she go through your phone
To see if there’s pictures of bitches with no clothes on
Now she pissed at the photos
Looking like a ho show
Thinking every one of them are gonna get the pogo
Or prolly done had it
She highly combative
But no no
Shining the light on me
With cheater up on the go bro
When we first started out you knew we was on the low low
Now you feeling bozo
Peeping through my property like you logo
Thinking I’m sticking them and slanging more meat than fogo

[Chorus: x2]
Now I can paint a beautiful picture
But you won’t want to look into it
I can make beautiful music with ya
But you won’t want to listen to it

It’s just me and you
Better yet it’s me and crew
Cause I never can be free and do
What a normal nigga can manage to be when two
People go out with no doubt to show out
They beautiful couple
But when I go out they pour out
And triples and doubles
Then out of your mouth the blow out
Cause you had enough of the bitches seesing who
You saw the beautiful picture at the begging
With mister Tech in your vision
Having sex in the kitchen
And press in the living room
Sex and no less or you’re bitchin
With the extra conditions
Me getting left is the mission
Cause I can’t get right
Ain’t this night
Ain’t no possible way that I can paint this bright
When the brain is night
Mayne it’s quite
Difficult to be with Tech Ninna game this tight
Or is it
You gotta live it
To give it
I’m giving you me
If you wanna quit it
I dig it
Cause I get a pussy pass every minute
But then it
A fight cause you think I’m all up in it
We finished
Now we diminished I get it
See the obstacle then you really admit it
Without ever knowing I did it you split it
I was real and don’t you ever forget it
You bit-itch

Now I can paint a beautiful picture
But you won’t want to look into it
I can make beautiful music with ya
But you won’t want to listen to it

Baby this is something that you never knew
Instead of me you being with a regular nigga may be a better view
I know I got a lot of cheddar true
But a nigga with hella time in your bed is who
You should be putting way up on a pedestal
You being super happy with him instead of blue
But you wanna see shit that you never seen
My dick is feeling like you taking methamphetamine
That’s why when I’m calling your phone you never let it ring
Even when he’s sitting next to you I bet it sting
You wanna ride it your hide is divided by my two thumbs I murder it when I get inside it
Hit it till you get it then get the it is ignited
When you tripping you can’t fly with the pilot
I can paint you a beautiful picture
But I think it’s better when you got a dude with you
Sitting at home and then you got a true fixture
You fucking perform because he got it through scripture
I’m a compatible nigga
To every woman with incredible figure
Tattoo my dick on him is that a new stigma
If you say that then music I ain’t gotta do with you

Now I can paint a beautiful picture
But you won’t want to look into it
I can make beautiful music with ya
But you won’t want to listen to it



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