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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics THE EARLY NOVEMBER Session 05 Lyrics, singer by THE EARLY NOVEMBER

So what was it like growing up for Dean?

Well he kept to himself most of the time. He watched a lot of TV. And uhh… He wasn’t like umm…

Wait I got it. He didn’t have many friends. And his mom and dad/grandma and grandpa
always were just a little bit too tired to wanna play.
So when he was around kids, he would just sit in the corner and occupy himself.
Because that’s all he knew how to do. And I mean how would he know any different.

Wow, that’s uh… pretty good.

Yeah, I can relate.

Well sadly, awhile after his 12th birthday. His grandmother suddenly got sick.

And that’s how…

And that’s how.



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