TECH N9NE Shroud

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Shroud Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

[Intro – Tech N9ne talking backwards:]
(Siht si ton eht tnar fo na live nam, siht si eht tnar fo na ylemetrxe nekorb nam! os od ton ekatsim siht rof eht lived, esuac’ ti si ton! mi tsuj gnivah emos fo ym tsekrad stnemom ereh yletal os, yojne! ahah)

[Chorus – Krizz Kaliko:]
I can’t breathe anymore
I’ve gone the distance
Can’t see me anymore
The darkness has overcome
I don’t wanna be part of this
But I let it take me
So I let it take me
Now it’s dripping all over me

[Bridge 1 – Tech N9ne:]
We on this Earth as we hell raisers
We crave good life but born into this dead-zone
I’ve searched for answers from my female maker
In the cemetery but they never produced her headstone

[Verse 1 – Tech N9ne:]
Black as ever like shabba
Thick and oozing like lava
See this room with my Prada, dadda
Must’ve came from my father
‘Cause my momma, was an angel
But this thang grow, insane bro
(Insane woah)
This is darkness accumulated
Over the years the heartless but fools I made it
Over to here on the TV
Cops kill a man ’cause he’s trying to buy a BB Gun
(BB Gun)
What’s gonna happen when they see me come
Really run
(Really run)
I’m ’bout to just boom
Take the madness
Let it explode and shake the masses
Shroud that I carry here to break the rabbits
And awake the maggots
I hate your habits
(I hate your habits)
Your evil’s consuming me
Now my heart and brain together in unity
‘Cause ain’t no opportunity


[Bridge 2 – Tech N9ne:]
They say my metamorphosis made a monster
In so many ways this statement might be true
Your plan right from the start was divide and conquer
So what do you think I see when I see you?

[Verse 2 – Tech N9ne:]
Give me your wishes
Give me your hit-list
Bring all the wicked
I’m ’bout to show you I’m vicious
Ligaments and Sriracha’s delicious
No stopping for tickets
Don’t make me give the crooked coppers the business
(Coppers the business)
I was suspicious
Wearing your anger
During your danger
Swearing whore wrangler
Don’t let me close to y’all
If you touch it it’s like an overdose of Propofol
I be the ghost of all
That wanna vote for hogs
I gotta go tomorrow
(Go tomorrow)
Licking my lips, Ow!
Burn my tongue
I need a germ to come through me
And worms and dung
I lay stagnant
I’m an avid madman
See the evil I grab
It stick to me like a magnet
You can have it
(You can have it)
Rack, I’m a clack on they asses
Give the evil no passes




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