TECH N9NE Oh You Didn’t Know

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Welcome to myveryownbloggywog Lyrics TECH N9NE Oh You Didn’t Know Lyrics, singer by TECH N9NE

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
The clubs used to say nay
Back in the day I had to pay but now everybody say hey!
You lookin good bro, you makin good dough
I be like yo you didn’t know? they say

And 3 more didn’t know saying
Oh oh oh didn’t now the know now they know they say
Oh, and when we step in the club the say
Oh oh oh there they go there go they like oh
Now 3 hoes want to go like
Oh oh oh didn’t know now they know they say
Oh your girl be like oh oh oh
Now I got it for the night screaming oh

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
They didn’t know I sell out shows in Amsterdam
And in Switzerland
Tecca Ninna spits for grands
She really dont know she about to ditch her man
And give her pants to me cuz this her jam
Tecca Ninas everywhere keep it necessary to
Steer very clear
If he dare to stare and glare that’s very fair
Be drinking, Be merry
Where the ladies with the dairy air?
More black women popping up at my shows
Like Tyler Perry there
And they didn’t know I won an MTV award?
New York yelling for me like they’ve seen me before
They know that underground clown come so sick and dark
But they didn’t know they’d see the N9ne on 106 Park
I’m kixin it and the foes can not stop
No hoes can cock block it
My clothes in Hot Topic
They froze when I pop it
I glow in the MO
Throwing the dough
Cause I got that paper
Oh you didn’t know?
They say


[Verse 2: Irv Da Phenom]
Hey yo we kixin it the Friday night
Even though it’s a Thursday
Eyes on us when we stepping out on the curb free
Chickens want the business giggling
Acting flirty
Little momma swallowed all of her vodka
She still thirsty
Prolly cause she?s all the way in midst of forbidden and I head straight to the VIPer
Or maybe is you wet lil? momma diggin? on my feather
Got her dancing like a stripper
We super cold head to toe
We sharp as a machete
We the hottest show in KCMO
The new Malcom Eddie yeah
It’s me and Big Yates
He know my spits ape
Shit so sick he got me spitting on The Mixed Plate
Like a disgruntled employee that just quit Gates
You read the front of the fitted homie and it’s
Ask who the president and they are going to say
And now I’m rocking with the king (TECH N9NE!)
So every time we hit the clubs like a movie scene
Filling your women up with them cups of that Kansas City Tea


[Verse 2: The Popper]
That’s the noise you make you lady do
Fresh hypemen had me on the turn tables in 82′
Sleeping with women
Vodka sipping
While he was eating baby food
Murdering raps and spitting facts
Was something I was made to do
See I raised a few eyebrows when I started up
The Veteran Click gave me worldwide we was hard to touch
Ya’ll can start the fuss
And I’m going to close you down
Popping you dick licker
Only when there is hoes around
That’s what your girl be like
Killer city will show what that world be like
My world be tight
But my flows be sicker
Behind the counter and cut you
At that Paul’s Liquor
I’m a show me nigga
I rep for the land
Marks swear that I got kool aid pumping through your man’s heart
I’ve been marked
And respect the niggas who’ve been whacked
Fuck with Tech and Irv at the club and spin racks




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